Wind Mitigation Inspections

What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

In simple terms, a wind mitigation inspection is a visual inspection of key components of a home in order to determine the condition they are in, as well as determine the construction techniques that were employed when the structure was built. The components being inspected are those that have the largest impact on overall wind resistance. Thus, wind mitigation inspections tend to focus on the roofing system and its components. The following are a few examples of the type of things an inspector will assess during a wind mitigation inspection:

  • Age of the home and the roof - The age of the can offer a lot of initial information about what kind of building codes were in effect, as well as the typical construction methods used at the time.
  • Roof Shape and SlopeThe shape of a roof is a major factor influencing the forces that a structure will experience during strong winds due to aerodynamics.
  • Roof Covering - The type of covering on the roof (asphalt shingles, clay, concrete, built-up, etc.), the condition that it's in, as well as how it's fastened.
  • Roof Decking and Construction - The roof decking, also known as sheathing, is the solid foundation that your roof covering is secured to. The material of the decking as well as the way that it is secured to the roof is important (for example, the types of nails use and spacing between them). The connections between the roof and the walls will also be examined.
  • Structural openings such as windows and garage doors - The presence of additional protection on openings like windows, garage doors, and sliding glass doors will be inspected.

Will getting a wind mitigation inspection lower my insurance premiums?

That depends, legally your insurance carrier has to provide you with an insurance discount for each of the structural components that are inspected and that are determined to be up to wind-resistant standards. So if you have a hip roof that was just installed in the past 10 years, with correctly nailed decking and high-impact glass windows, you will be credited with each of those and will get a larger discount. Now, how much of a discount you will end up getting will vary from company to company, but in the end wind mitigation inspections always pay for themselves!