Home Inspection Services Offered

These are just some examples of the services we offer. For quotes on pricing, or questions about a particular service, please contact us.

Pre-Purchase or Pre-Listing Inspections

Before you purchase or list a home, we conduct a detailed inspection of the various components and accessible areas of the property, looking for potential defects and deficiencies. Then, we'll present you with photos and a detailed report of our findings.

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4-Point Inspections

A 4 point inspection looks at the four major systems of a structure. Roof, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. If you're purchasing an older home, rental property, or condo then you'll likely need a 4-point inspection before purchasing a homeowners policy.

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Wind Mitigation

Wind mitigation inspections evaluate the appropriateness of a given structure's construction in the event of strong winds such as those present in a hurricane and look for features that have been shown to reduce losses in these situations.

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11-Month Warranty Inspections

It's common for builders and contractors to offer a one-year warranty on a new home. We’ll perform a full home inspection during the 11th month before the builder’s warranty expires, so you can have peace of mind.

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